*Adaora, a very good friend of mine, considers herself a modern day Christian. She is born again, a dedicated God-lover with a wonderful prayer life, hardworking and an active member in her church. She is also a beautiful woman.

Since she was a little kid, Ada has never missed a Sunday school class. She always helps in cleaning the church premises, she sings in the children’s choir, got married as a virgin, is blessed with children and is happy in her marital home as God keeps doing miraculous things in her life.

One Wednesday evening on her way to the mid-week service, Ada overhears two “sisters” in church gossiping about her: “Look at her, see what she is wearing! Na only God know wetin she dey find!”

After the church service, Ada decided to talk to the two “sisters’ about it and asked them why they felt that way about her dressing. In response, they essentially questioned her Christianity because of the way she dressed: she was wearing a loose chiffon jacket over her dress which was slightly above the knee.

As she stood there, images of clothes she usually wore to church, along with her everyday dressing and her lifestyle in general began to play in her head: regular jeans trousers (not even the overly ripped ones we see nowadays), regular tops, well fitted skirts, slightly above knee length-dresses which always make her look good and classy.


The women went further to persecute Ada, insinuating that if she were a “real” Christian, she would not be found dressing the way she usually does. According to them, her dressing does not reflect Christianity.

Now, my question is, what kind of dressing reflects Christianity?

When I was still in the University, during the “S.U” (Scripture Union) era, you could easily identify an ‘S.U’ sister by her dressing: over-sized shirts, long ankle-length skirts and hair mostly covered.

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But that was those days!

The question remains, how should a “modern-day” Christian woman dress? Dressing attractive and stylish should not disqualify her from practicing her faith, should it? Given the way contemporary fashion trends are taken to another level these days, with social media seemingly only ready to magnify amoral fashion trends, is it acceptable for a Christian woman to be “chic’ in her dressing style?


You find that an active choir member in the same church, who has “gotten down” with all the men in the choir and graduated to men “serving” in other areas of the church, would be praised for her “decent” dressing and presumed to be the holiest of holies with skirts that literally sweep the church compound clean. This sister can do no harm, you would think!


But between these two women, who is the “real Christian”? How should a Christian woman dress?

Feel free to drop your comments, opinions and personal experiences about being judged for your dressing in the church. Let’s tackle this!

*Not real name