Awkward Moment…

Guys, if you’re driving with your girlfriend and the car breaks down, would you expect her to come down and push it with you? Or stay in the car while you push/get people to push with you?

Ladies, would you come down and push the car with him, or remain seated?

Please answer in the comments section.


One Man, One Wife, For Life?

Kate is a senior single in her church, dedicated to the service of God, and always radiating joyful contentment instead of the usual desperation to marry that is common among sisters of her age.

John on the other hand is a brother everyone called “married bachelor” as he is married but raising two children all alone. His wife left him and ran away with another man. She told him she was done with the marriage and asked him to move on and find another wife. He had gone to look for her in the home of her lover, only to be walked out by the man. Broken, John had confided in his pastor, who prayed with him and encouraged him. “God will comfort you,” his pastor said.

Four years after his wife left, John informed the church and the pastor that he wanted to remarry. His pastor told him that since his wife was still living, he could not remarry.  The church had a policy of one man, one wife, for life. However, John was insistent. He said he just could not go on without a wife anymore, lest he fall into sin. John continued to mount pressure on the church leaders to consider his plight, and after much persuasion, the leaders finally gave in, on the condition that he would have to forfeit all his leadership positions in the church.

John agreed to this condition and promptly approached Kate, who was receptive to him. As their courtship progressed, it became apparent to all around them that it was a match made in heaven. Soon, they were engaged.

Their traditional wedding was very colourful. Due to the fact that it was John’s second marriage, their leaders had decided to do a church blessing for them in the children’s section of the church upon their return from Kate’s hometown.  Then the unimaginable happened. Just two weeks to the church blessing, John’s first wife showed up with tears in her eyes. She had learned the error of her ways, repented, and now craved her husband’s forgiveness and the restoration of their marriage bond.

John was never legally divorced from his wife. When he decided he wanted to get another wife, he simply went to his wife’s family, explained the situation to them, and informed them that he was no longer interested in the marriage. Since John and his first wife never got a divorce, he is in a fix. The church council has however informed John that he has to stay with his first wife. They told Kate that John would return her bride price, and God would bring her own husband.
Church- wants John to stay with his first wife
Kate- wants John to divorce his first wife and stay with her. She feels betrayed by the church.
1st wife- wants her marriage restored, and Kate out of her husband’s life
John- is in a tight corner. He seems to want both women; he’s unable to let go of either
Readers, what do you think? Does the first wife have any right to come back in this way? Is Kate being fairly treated by the church? What should John do?

Churches and Wedding Rules

When my brother’s friend, Frank, called to say he was getting married, I was excited. I asked him what the date was, and he said he would let me know. To my surprise, months passed and I still had not gotten a date.

Finally, we meet face to face and I ask him if there’s a problem. He says the churches are refusing to wed them because his wife-to-be is 4 months pregnant. So I ask why they can’t just go for church blessing, as couples in this situation usually do. He says no; he wants a church wedding with his pregnant bride.

In most churches under the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), you cannot have a church wedding if you are pregnant. Most churches now require the following before they can conduct your wedding in the church:

1. Genotype test
2. Blood group test
3. Hepatitis A, B, and C test
4. Bank account statement
5. Certificate of qualification
6. House fellowship attendance
7. Consent letter from parents

Frank could not find a church to marry them and this made him very angry. He felt the church was just being hypocritical because, according to him, 90% of the people who get married in church have been sexually intimate with their intended spouse.

A lady I know had an abortion 3 weeks to her wedding because the church would call off the wedding if they found out she was pregnant, and she could not deal with the embarrassment; the invitations had already gone out.

Did I mention that in many churches every bride-to-be must take a pregnancy test a day to the wedding?

Frank tells me that God has forgiven him and his wife-to-be for their sin of fornication, and so the church should also move past it. Or do they want his fiancée to have an abortion? He insists that he and his wife have to be married in a church.

What do you think? Is he right to insist on a church wedding with the pregnancy? Are these church rules really fair?

I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment.