Awkward Moment…

Guys, if you’re driving with your girlfriend and the car breaks down, would you expect her to come down and push it with you? Or stay in the car while you push/get people to push with you?

Ladies, would you come down and push the car with him, or remain seated?

Please answer in the comments section.


6 thoughts on “Awkward Moment…

  1. She should offer to push, then the guy will say no o! Don't worry.
    That way it's obvious to see that both of them are putting the other person first.
    If the lady offers to push, guy know you've found a keeper. If the guy tells her not to worry that he will handle it, how perfect!they should marry the next day faa


  2. As a dude, my first recourse would be look for 'other guys' who can help me push the car but I will leave my girlfriend to show her concern in anyway she chooses.. it is a good time to appreciate what is really beneath all the layers of 'forming' and niceties..


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