Big Mistake: What Do I Do?

tearful lady

Uche has been married to Obinna for four years and they have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb. She had visited many hospitals, but nothing seemed to be wrong.

One day, a friend told her about a very good gynaecologist that she should see, so she booked an appointment and went to see him. As she opened the consulting room door, she noticed a very good-looking doctor sitting in the office. She introduced herself and they greeted. After she explained her situation, he said he wanted to examine her and asked her to take off her panties so he could insert his fingers in her vagina.

Uche did not understand. “What?” she gasped. There’s no way I can allow this very fine man touch me there.

“Is there no female doctor around?” she asked.

He smiled at her. “Don’t worry; I have seen thousands of vaginas. It makes no difference to me — I was trained to do this.

Suddenly, Uche felt comfortable and took off her underwear. Afterwards he recommended some tests, and when the results came out, he prescribed some drugs and asked her to return in six weeks. They exchanged numbers, and she left.

Over the weeks, they developed a friendship. At first they just exchanged text messages and social media inbox chats, but they soon progressed to phone calls. Even as they spoke on phone every day, Uche kept telling herself that they were just friends and that the relationship was harmless.

Six weeks passed quickly and it was soon time for her second medical appointment. On the Friday Uche was supposed to go to the hospital, she had a lot to do and before she finished, it was almost 7pm. She called him to ask if she could still come in at that time, and he said she could; he was waiting. She arrived, and as soon as the medical consultation was over, they started gisting. Before Uche knew what was happening, one thing led to another and they were kissing. Soon, their clothes were off and he quickly locked the door.

Things progressed fast and Uche noticed he was not protected. When she expressed concern, he told her he would give her a drug to take afterwards. Uche knew that what they were doing was wrong, but she wanted to enjoy it; she found him simply irresistible. When it was all over, he gave her the drug. On her way home, Uche quickly asked for forgiveness.

As soon as she stepped into her home, she found Obinna waiting for her, his eyes full of desire. She could barely manage to take a bath before he pounced on her. After their lovemaking session, Uche was reluctant to take the drug. What if their lovemaking bore fruit? What if this was her chance to give her husband the child he so desperately wanted?

She didn’t have to wait long. When she missed her period three weeks later, her husband took her for a pregnancy test himself. The test came out positive! Obinna and Uche were both excited, but she couldn’t shake the thought that the baby might be her gynaecologist’s. She made up her mind to cut him off and never see him again.

Before her due date, she travelled to the United States, gave birth, and returned to Nigeria with her baby. Life was good!

One fateful day six months later, she was at a shopping mall with her baby when she ran into the gynaecologist. She greeted him stiffly, trying to prevent an awkward conversation after her long disappearance; she had ignored his texts and calls from the day she found out she was pregnant. However, he didn’t appear in a hurry to leave. All the while, he kept looking at her baby.

When he finally left and got into his car, he sent her a message: “I think he is mine.”

Uche’s worst nightmare had just happened. What would the gynaecologist do now? Would he come to claim the child? He was married with two daughters but there was a possibility he would push for DNA testing because he wanted a son. What should she do? Should she tell her husband? Should she have a DNA test done to assure herself of the child’s paternity?


7 thoughts on “Big Mistake: What Do I Do?

  1. Nna, I never had anything to do with you. We don’t know each other
    Like get thee behind me abeg
    Afterall she took d drug n she slept with hubby d same day
    I would visit him in person n tell him so making sure nothing is recorded. Delete d texts.
    No DNA
    He has no reason to come after me but if he does, I never had sex with him. He tried to rape me in his office n I refused. That’s my story
    And this is what I would do as a woman with no knowledge of Christ cos obviously, she shouldnt even have slept with d doctor


  2. Wow, this is complicated. I think she should tell her husband. The sooner she opens up the better otherwise that doctor will keep blackmailing her all her life.


  3. Well, am a Christian and it kinda means always taking responsibility no matter the consequences. That’s how we roll. So yes, I’ll pray about it and tell him. Not just cause there’s a threat now, but because its the right thing to do. Not even because of my devotion to my husband but rather, my devotion to God and Jesus.


  4. Lead us not into temptation, O Lord!

    This is one of the situations where that prayer is most needed. Christ taught us to pray, saying, “Lead us not into temptation.” Uche went out of her house that day not knowing what temptation lay ahead of her.

    There is no temptation that is not common to man, and we are tempted when a seed of lust dwells in our heart. One of the ways to deal with sexual temptation is not to see with your eyes and lust with your heart. Jesus already said if you look with lust, you have already committed the sin. (Matthew 5:28)
    It’s a difficult situation for Uche but she must not conceal her sin, for one who conceals his sin shall not prosper, but one who confesses and forsakes them shall find mercy. (Proverbs 28:13)

    God is able to make ugly situations beautiful. He is able to give Uche children with her husband if this child is not his, but she has to trust Him with her life first; to take her mistakes and put them in His hands, knowing He will make it beautiful in His own time.


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