Should I Talk?

confused-manOsazee and Ozi have been friends since they were 5 years old. They grew up together, and went to the same primary and secondary school just because they wanted to remain together. When it was time for University however, Osazee went to school in Germany and Ozi went to the University of Benin.

While they were in school, Osazee had a part-time job and often sent money to Ozi in Nigeria; even when Ozi’s mother was ill he sent money for her treatment. The families of both boys became one because of their friendship, as they were like brothers from different mothers. They were even born on June 16 of the same year! After graduation, Osazee was doing well in Germany, and he built a big house in Benin City, a project which Ozi supervised.

Osazee eventually decided to come home to get married, and on hearing this, his aunty introduced him to a young lady, Ameze, with whom he began to communicate on phone and via email. They exchanged pictures and pretty soon they were talking every single day. Romance was in the air.

Unknown to Osazee, Ameze used to be a “runs girl”. She had had countless aristos; in fact, there was no big man in Benin City that she had not serviced. Her parents had four daughters and that was what they all did for a living. With their earnings from numerous aristos, they had built a house for their parents. Now that Ameze had found a wealthy husband, the family was excited; they had hit the jackpot and would be settled for life. Osazee even sent a car to Ameze’s father.

Ozi and Ameze had lived on the same street for many years, and he was well aware of what she did for a living. Several times he had seen women come to beat Ameze up for sleeping with their husbands. Ozi even suspected that she may have slept with his father. Rumour had it that one of Ameze’s abortions had necessitated the removal of her womb.

Given all this, all the time Osazee had been going on and on about his new girlfriend Ameze with whom he was madly in love, it never for one moment crossed Ozi’s mind that it was the same Ameze.

When Osazee returned to Nigeria to begin preparations for marriage, he went to visit Ozi who now lived in GRA, and he took Ameze along with him; the love of his life and his best friend had to be introduced.

Ozi was totally shocked to see her! This Ameze? No, it couldn’t be!

Ameze on the other hand feigned excitement. “Is this your best friend? He’s my brother o,” she said, giving Ozi a hug.

Osazee was thrilled at the perfection of the situation. They spent the day together, and when evening came Osazee called a cab to take Ameze home. Finally alone together, Osazee turned to his friend. “So, what do you think of her?” he asked with a wide grin. “What about her family?”

Osazee managed to mumble a few words about them being “okay”, and although Osazee thought his lack of enthusiasm was strange, he did not suspect anything.

It’s been over a week and he keeps asking Ozi for details about “his sister Ameze” and her family. Ozi is aware that this is the best thing that has ever happened to Ameze and her family. Should he tell Osazee the truth or keep quiet?

How would you advise Ozi?


9 thoughts on “Should I Talk?

  1. Of all your stories.. this seems like the most straightforward and the solution is just as obvious. Of course Ozi should tell Osaze. Now, where people usually go wrong is that when they have such information, they spice it up to make themselves seem more important usually leading the listner to believe that they have an agenda. Eg.. the guy who first told King David that Saul was dead spiced it by saying that HE killed Saul when instead Saul commited suicide.
    Ozi is Osaze’s friend and he has to tell him as his friend and nothing more. No need for any drama but something simple like, ‘guy, I know you’re in love with this girl but there’s something I feel you must know’.. Now if he feels bad for Ameze, then he should give her a chance to tell the story herself by telling Osaze (yes his obligation lies with his friend) to ask her about her past. Osaze is asking him about the girl anyways so Ozi must make him understand that its imperative he finds out from her all about her past before he makes the final commitment. This is not necessarily to separate them but just so he is aware..
    The decision is up to him to if he choses to stay or leave..


  2. I think it will be very inappropriate not to talk. A talk with a close friend, more like a brother. The objective however should not be to discourage him from marrying her but to let him knownthat she has a past that he needs to know and be comfortable with before he ties the knots so that he won’t be embarrassed later. when he gets to know which will happen anyway, no matter how long. He should be advised on HIV test and other tests b4 the union. It is important to make the motive clear so as not to creat more problems.


  3. Since his friend asked him directly, he has a duty to be candid. He can decide to disregard d advice afterall ppl change but he cannot accuse him in future, of knowing d truth n not telling him.


  4. He needs to tell the friend the truth and allow him do whatever with the information (opportunity for an informed decision ). He owes him the truth.


  5. He needs to tell his friend the whole truth. Not out of bias but to give the friend the opportunity to decide truthfully with all the facts know whether he wants to have her as a partner for life or not. If the friend decides to go ahead then it’s fine.


  6. Easy one for me. Guy, talk and fast too! Otherwise, Ozi will have himself to blame when later in life there are challenges with the marriage of his best friend, Osazee.


  7. He will have to talk ultimately. If he was in his friends shoes, wouldn’t he have liked to know? He shouldn’t even present it nicely because there’s no indication of remorse or repentance from the babe and her family. So his friend is falling headlong into the quick sand of bad marriage and financial higi haga. Lol
    He should forget whatever financial investment he has already made. Better to count your losses now than become an eternal maga.


  8. If it was that the girl was repentant and had changed her ways, it would be different. She and her family see Osazee as a cash cow, not a person. And it would be unfair if he didn’t have all the facts before committing to her. If he is told the facts and he still wants to marry her, then that’s on him. But he should talk.


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