Toke’s Tight Corner

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Toke is 29 years old and the last of six children from a well-respected family. Well-read and well bred, she obtained her first degree from Plymouth University, and her master’s in economics from the University of Aberdeen, after which she returned to Nigeria for NYSC.

Toke was born with a deformity — a bent leg and hand — and is a little on the big side. While her five siblings are all married, in all her 29 years no man has ever as much as said “hello” to her, much less asked her out on a date.

During her NYSC year, her father’s mechanic Akin came to the house to fix their car, and when Toke came out to give him the keys, they started talking. He asked if he could take her out that evening, and she said yes. So he took her to a local bar where he introduced her to his friends. Toke couldn’t quite fit in because they spoke mostly Yoruba and very poor English, whereas she wasn’t fluent in Yoruba. Still, they managed to have a good time and when the evening ended, Akin paid for the drinks and they started talking. As they talked, she perceived his mouth and body odour, but decided to ignore it because this was the first man to ever show interest in her.

Soon they were seeing each other every day. After a few weeks, she decided to spend a weekend at Akin’s house. She told her parents she was going to spend the weekend with a girlfriend of hers. That weekend turned out to be the best weekend of Toke’s life. Akin made love to her and she loved very moment of it. In fact, it was fantastic, beyond anything she could ever have imagined. She had no sexual experience before that day, apart from touching herself in the privacy of her bedroom.

They talked and made love all weekend, and they didn’t want Sunday to end. Toke felt totally comfortable with Akin. They shared intimate stories about their lives, and when Toke told Akin how her condition made her feel, he made her understand that she was beautiful the way she was.

A few months later, Toke finds out she is pregnant. Her parents and siblings are happy about the development, and her father asks her to bring her husband-to-be home. This is where the problem begins. On finding out that it was his mechanic Akin who had impregnated his daughter Toke, the old man nearly had a heart attack. He not only gave Akin a dirty slap and walked him out of the house, he went a step further to harass Akin’s family and have him arrested.

Toke lost her pregnancy due to the stress, and the pain nearly killed her. She did not have a job and so she could not stand on her own, and this hurt her deeply.  Her hatred for her father grew by the day. All efforts by her mother to make her see that they were just looking out for her were futile, and countless times she contemplated suicide.

Suddenly, luck smiled on Toke. An auditing company in the UK where she had applied for a job called her and offered her the position, with fantastic remuneration.

Right now, she is not sure what to do. Should she go to London and take Akin along with her? Her eldest sister, the only sibling she has on her side, thinks it is too risky. She is considering going to start work and then afterwards inviting Akin afterwards. Her only other options are to forfeit the job, move in with Akin’s family in their face-me-I-face-you house and find another job, or elope with him to another town. The former would mean her father coming to Akin’s house to cause more trouble.

She feels there’s no guarantee that a long distance relationship with her in London and Akin in Nigeria would work, since even people with two hands and two legs find it difficult.

This is the first and only love Toke has ever known. What should she do? Please advise her.

4 thoughts on “Toke’s Tight Corner

  1. What she has with him is sex.
    Can their love survive reality?
    I wouldn’t advise her to move in with Akin’s family because their backgrounds are too different and I daresay she has not met the real Akin.
    The real Akin is who he is when he’s with family members and she will meet him soon.

    If she wanted it to work though, I would say she should travel abroad with him. But Akin might not fit in. If only he was educated.

    Is he educated? Is she ready to change her whole environment from one she is used to, to on where she struggles. She could still meet someone comparable to her.
    There’s someone for everyone and it’s important to marry someone who is comparable to her so she doesn’t have to try to be less just to please her husband.

    Understanding matters above all anyways.


  2. Toke dear, as much as you would love to package Akin, that is not your job.
    Please work on your self-esteem. I have a friend who had a similar deformity in 1 leg . She graduated as a doctor and is now married with children. She was always in heels, makeup, trendy clothes, e.t.c.
    Did you hear of the girl(I think her name is Amen) who just got engaged despite being wheelchair-bound?
    If u achieve confidence in who u are u will attract a man who will not rush to impregnate u. That is very disrespectful biko. Whether mechanic or vulcanizer, he should not see u as a ladder. Keep d men out of your pants and u will weed out d unserious ones.
    Take up d job and read motivational books. When u glow, d men will flock like fireflies.


  3. we ought to believe the best about people but wisdom is profitable to direct, I really don’t think akin loves this lady… to him she may just be a rich man’s daughter, a means to hammer. how are we even sure he won’t dump her and flee the moment they go abroad. like drnsmusings said, she should first build confidence and self esteem, this comes from christ and knowing what His death, burial and resurrection has done for you and how much you’re loved by God.


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