Coincidence or Something Else?

what should I do?

What should I do?

Ayomide is a 24-year-old man who lives with his parents and works with one of the new generation banks. The only child of his parents, the family of three seems to be perfect, but there is something always on Ayomide’s mind, and it has grown into a serious concern. In fact, no day passes that Ayo doesn’t think about it.

Ayomide does not look like his father. He bears no resemblance to his father whatsoever, not even in mannerisms, neither does he resemble his mother. In fact, he often wonders how a tall, dark woman could have given birth to a short, very light-skinned man like himself. Even more worrisome is the facts that Ayomide is a carbon copy of their neighbour, Mr. Oladele. The resemblance between the two is so strong that it is difficult to convince a stranger that Ayomide and the Oladele children are not siblings.

Both families have been friends for years, and there have been many comments about the resemblance between Ayomide and Mr. Oladele , even in the hearing of Ayomide’s parents who always just laugh it off. When he tries to bring it up with his mother, she tells him that God made two of each body in the world.

Ayomide is not convinced, and as the days go by it weighs more and more on his mind. How does he go about settling this issue?

4 thoughts on “Coincidence or Something Else?

  1. Ayomide, seems not to have anything better to do. Are his parents poor or are they not taking good care of him? Why is he getting bothered about things that could bring embarrassment and shame to 2 families. Besides he is an only child, why would he want to go and struggle for inheritance in the other family?
    If he is so troubled,he can try and engage his mum on a one on one an d see if it will yield any results . If she still insists on her position, he should just let it go.


  2. lol. very funny @D_duke. he should keep knocking till the door opens or till his knuckles get condemned… lol. but seriously, even if they aren’t his parents, they’ve been with him throughout his lifetime and have been caring for him. they’ve practically bonded. he shouldn’t sacrifice this for some suspicion.


  3. He can either convince or force his supposed parents to go with him for DNA test. He can never be happy until he is sure. It is never a crime on his part. God can even use him to expose a crime. Please, don’t silence him.


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