A Promiscuous Good Girl


Mrs. Oby Aduradu is a 64-year-old widow who lives in Asaba. Her 3 sons are all grown up and work in Lagos. She has become a lonely woman since the death of her husband some years ago, and her boys have refused to marry and give her grandchildren, each claiming he has not found the right woman yet.

Ngozi, a pretty corps member (NYSC)* posted to Asaba lived close to Mrs. Aduradu, and she never failed to greet her every morning on her way to work. Ngozi always asked if the older woman had eaten and taken her medication. After work, she would stop by to help her clean her house, and then she would take her clothes to her house, wash them and iron them. Ngozi didn’t know Mrs. Aduradu from Adam; she was just being her usual loving and caring self. She would even cook for the woman, who had to confess that the young lady was a very good cook! She commented several times on the fact that she was well brought up and traditional.

Mrs. Aduradu was already eyeing her for one of her sons if they would be open to it — young men these days liked to make their own choices based on the things they wanted.

One Saturday evening Mrs. Aduradu, after taking her evening walk, collapsed outside. Ngozi was in her house at the time, and quickly took her to the hospital. She was by her bedside nursing her when her sons arrived.

Three of them took a liking to Ngozi, but the chemistry between her and the 2nd son Aka was very strong, and Mrs. Aduradu was excited to observe it, recovering almost immediately as a result. From that time, Aka visited home more often and each time he was around, he would spend long hours talking with Ngozi. Soon, they were unable to resist each other, and found themselves in bed. Shortly after that encounter, Aka returned to Lagos and 5 weeks later Ngozi called him to say she was pregnant. Mrs. Aduradu of course insisted that they get married immediately, because Ngozi had been good to her and she could not repay her with evil.

The wedding was arranged sharp sharp and Ngozi moved to Lagos with her husband. She was the perfect wife: good, respectful, kind, easy going. She was also very domesticated, and Aka could not fault her in bed. She was good all round. Aka noticed that she could be insecure around men and this usually resulted in her talking too much and giving them extra attention, which he worried may be misunderstood. Regardless, he was very much in love with his wife and considered her the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Aka’s world came crashing when, 4 months after Ngozi put to bed, she knelt before her him, confessing that he was not the father of the child, and begging for his forgiveness. Aka thought he would die. To make things worse, Ngozi said the child’s father wanted to claim his son. Desperate, Aka requested a DNA test. The results showed that Aka was not the father of the child, but in a surprising twist, the child did not belong to the man trying to claim him either!

It soon became clear that Ngozi did not know the father of her child, and the matter became even more serious. She called 3 other men who could be responsible, to take the test, and Aka discovered that Ngozi could sleep with a man out of gratitude, out of a desire to be liked, or even to keep him from getting angry with her.

It’s all too much for Aka to take in, and he wants to divorce her. However, Ngozi is a wonderful, loving person and a part of him wants to help her. Aka has several questions in his mind:

  1. Can she be helped?
  2. Should he stay with his loving wife who is so promiscuous that she could sleep with anybody who said hello to her? A wife he cannot leave at home to go on a work trip without fear?
  3. As far as he knows, she has not been unfaithful to him since they married. Nobody has said they slept with her as his wife, but if they had would they tell him?
  4. Could it be that she has stopped or will stop sleeping around now that she has a man to call her own?

What should Aka do now? Please advise him.



*NYSC is the National Youth Service Corps, a mandatory one-year programme for all Nigerian graduates to serve the nation.


9 thoughts on “A Promiscuous Good Girl

    • Aka does not have any problem at all. His wife told him the baby was not his without his prompting. It shows his wife has a conscience. I would be very pleased if they don’t find any of her former lover whose DNA matches the baby’s DNA.
      If this happens he should go ahead and adopt the child and keep his wife.
      In women generally, there’s a big difference between a single girl and a wife. This lady has been faithful since her marriage and loyal to the husband. How many men with 3 or 4 kids who can say with all certainty that he is the father of All the kids.
      Most African men have small and selfish mind when it comes to what men can do and get a pat on the back but women will be crucified
      Aka, you have a good wife keep her and love her. God will bless you for it


  1. What an intriguing story. Let me cut the chase, Ngozi has a sexual problem and needs help. Been good does not just cut it. What if she catches STD and infected the young man. Is like a golden ring in a pigs nostril. If Aka decides to stand by her and help, that will be divine but if he decides to let her go he has done no wrong because the marriage ab initio was built on false foundation – by laying to Aka she was pregnant by him. Aka should move on.


  2. Nobody knows the father of this baby
    Both should go for counselling n decide if they want to stay together. Aka has to adopt d child if he wants to stay with her. She has to be retrained on d value of her body. Not impossible but very diff
    I wonder why she confessed tho? Guilt?


  3. wow. this scares me not because of anything but for the fact that I feel like I know someone like that, and I like that someone. please I really want to hear your comments. what should happen?


  4. Aka should hold on to her, adopt the baby. Ngozi needs help, she’s insecure, needs love both from God and man.
    Prayerfully and with the love & understanding of her husband she will overcome her insecurities.


  5. Like others have said.. Aka fell in love with Ngozi and married her because of it. If he is willing to keep the marriage, he and Ngozi should get professional help where Ngozi makes it clear that she won’t return to this lifestyle and Aka promises to continue to love her. However, if Aka is not willing, (afterall, the image of the person he knew and fell in love with has been shattered..) then they can separate permanently. A man is not bound to marriage in circumstances like this.. Asking him to just go ahead and keep the wife borders on insensitivity.. it is an extremely difficult situation he is in.. even if they stay together, whats the guarantee things will be the same.. they both need an enormous amount of Grace to get through this phase.

    Please, using the argument that if the sexes were reversed, people would react differently is unfair to this couple. Treat them on their own and separately giving them the benefit of your undivided empathy. Offering advice on the back of an argument for the battle-of-the-sexes would amount to not treating this story with the seriousness it deserves.

    Divorce is bitter and most undesired but sometimes, inevitable. The best approach for any man or woman with a sordid past is to spill on the details to the person who they intend to begin a serious relationship with. Keeping the details to oneself is a huge mistake.


  6. Its not really a bad case. The Merits Ngozi brought into the marriage outweighs her demerits. Perfect husbands and wives only exist at the mortuary. We all have baggages. I expect the husband to forgive his wife, adopt the baby, seek for Godly counselling and deliverance. It will sure end in praise to God. Friends, the difference between human are very thin lines, nothing in life guarantees, the next wife will be better than Ngozi. Forgiveness and understanding are weapons in the hand of the STRONG.


  7. This is a case of q very bitter pill which is still needed as the only remedy to revive a dying soul.

    Though it may be challenging and painful to easily forget the pains Aka now carries, from the story, it shows that Ngozi also loves Aka and want him to be his man for ever.

    If she wants to cover her “sins”, she could have possibly poisoned Aka and move on with her life, yet, she bore the shame, confessed and made restitution.

    My own advice is that Aka should close the chapter of the past and open a new one which seems to have a better tomorrow ahead.


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