Does Jerry Deserve a Second Chance?


Mr. Fred Adams was introduced to Jerry by his wife’s friend who is Jerry’s cousin. Jerry holds an HND from a Nigerian polytechnic and he was desperately looking for a job. Mr. Adams, who just retired from a multinational oil company, was setting up his consulting firm. When his wife’s friend Iyabo begged him to employ Jerry as he was becoming a burden to her, Mr. Adams said he had no vacancy for someone with his qualifications. However, he needed a driver, so Jerry decided to take up the job.

Two months after he employed Jerry, Mr. Adams discovered that Jerry was lazy, proud, arrogant, rude and selfish. He complained to his wife and said he was going to terminate Jerry’s appointment, but his wife pleaded with him and prevailed on him to give Jerry a chance.

The following week, Mr. Adams was travelling by road for a presentation and Jerry was driving him. They were on the express when suddenly Jerry parked the car on the road side and started insulting him.

“You foolish old man! You are wicked, always acting as if you are God! You won’t pay salary at month end, with your rude children and your madam chairlady! You will drive yourself for the rest of the journey!”

With that, Jerry got down, took a bus and left his boss there. Mr. Adams, who was in his late fifties, had not been feeling well lately, so he could not drive the long distance. He had to call his wife’s younger brother, who drove all the way down to meet him and continue the journey. The presentation had to be rescheduled.

Two years later, Mr. Adams’ company was contracted by his former employers to recruit four Nigerians to work in their US office. The vacancy was published in a leading newspaper and thousands of people applied. After the aptitude test and shortlisting, the best ten were called for interview by a panel headed by Mr. Fred Adams. Our dear Jerry was one of the ten.

Jerry walked into the room and started trembling when he saw Mr. Adams. He began to roll on the floor before Mr. Fred, begging him to forgive him and not let his past actions affect his chances of getting the job; according to him, he is now a changed person.

Should Mr. Adams forgive him and help him get the job?

Mr. Adams was given the mandate to recruit people with excellent qualifications and good character. Would it be right of him to recruit Jerry given what he knows about his character?

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Jerry. Should he be given a second chance?

How would you advise Mr. Fred Adams?


7 thoughts on “Does Jerry Deserve a Second Chance?

  1. Hell no. It’s not about giving him a second chance, it’s about integrity. Mr Adams cannot in good conscience hire jerry knowing how bad his character is. Jerry may b desperate enough to act respectful now but what happens wn he gets comfortable and starts misbehaving, then, Mr Adams will be the one looking unreliable.


  2. Zero!! There is no ‘change’ for someone who can do such…its not about forgiveness its about the fact that that ungrateful wicked being is still lurking inside Jerry and may one day dissapoint the trust so HELL NO!! LET THOS BE A LESSON FOR HIM


  3. What!!!!! A million no to that. Jerry should not get any job if you ask me. He deserves to be poor for the rest of his life. That way, if he sees a young person acting all arrogant, he will be a perfect advicer to him/her.


  4. Jerry will get a second chance in life BUT NOT FROM ADAMS.
    Forgiving Jerry is very easy but not to remember is divine


  5. Mr. Adams is not obligated to give him an opportunity at the new job. In I will say that knowing what he knows about Jerry makes it east for him to narrow down the ten towards his target of four people. In other words, he would be giving SOMEONE ELSE a chance. Jerry blew his opportunity when he treated Mr. Adams despicably previously. His loss will be someone else’s gain.
    Finally, giving Jerry the job doesn’t necessarily translate to forgiveness as Mr. Adams can still forgive him outside of that.


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