The Betrayal


Morenikeji is a 42-year-old woman from a wealthy family who got married to Dotun 12 years ago. Unfortunately, their marriage did not produce children. Morenikeji has a very good job, but Dotun has not worked since they got married.

Eight years ago, Morenikeji decided to buy land, and she informed Dotun about it. Dotun suggested that they should walk in faith and buy the land in the names of their children yet unborn. Morenikeji agreed, bought the land, and built a beautiful house on it. All other property purchased after this time were also in the names of their unborn children, by faith.

Two weeks ago, Dotun died in an accident. To Morenikeji’s shock, a woman showed up with two children, the first about 9yrs old. Both children bear the names Dotun gave her to buy all their landed property in.

Dotun’s family has given her an ultimatum to move out of her home.

Please what should Morenikeji do?


The Believer’s Sexuality 2: Should Christian Couples Exchange Nudes?


Tomi has learnt obedience by the things she has suffered. She has learnt not to go through people’s pictures on their phones; you may be very surprised by the kinds of pictures on their phones.

Ovie, a brother in Tomi’s church who is happily married to Sandra, wanted to show Tomi something interesting he saw on Instagram so he gave Tomi his phone with the Instagram picture open. Tomi, a naturally curious person, decided to go through his personal pictures. After all he was a brother in church, and happily married, so what could there possibly be on his holy phone?

As she scrolled through Brother Ovie’s phone, she was shocked to find that it was filled with holy porn: naked pictures of Brother Ovie and his wife, and even a video of both of them. Tomi quickly handed the phone over to him, but she could not rest her mind. She had to talk to him about it.

“Brother Ovie, I’m sorry I went through your phone, but I saw some things on it that emm… emm…” she stammered. “I saw naked pictures of both you and your wife, and a sex tape of both of you. I’m sorry but, as a Christian, can we make sex tapes and have porn pictures on our phone as long as we are married to the person? Or is any sexual behaviour allowed as long as it is within the bounds of marriage?”

Brother Ovie responded by saying she should not have gone through his phone, but that yes, all sexual acts are acceptable as long as it’s within the bounds of marriage. He went on to say that he even used handcuffs and sex instruction tapes with his wife, and they send nude pictures of themselves to each other; they are married and it is his duty to satisfy his wife anyhow they want it. As long as it’s within the bounds of their marriage, it’s acceptable.

Tomi is still confused in her mind. To her, those actions are not pure.

  1. So is every sexual behaviour within the bounds of marriage of God?
  2. If no, what are the Bible-based boundaries?


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