The Betrayal


Morenikeji is a 42-year-old woman from a wealthy family who got married to Dotun 12 years ago. Unfortunately, their marriage did not produce children. Morenikeji has a very good job, but Dotun has not worked since they got married.

Eight years ago, Morenikeji decided to buy land, and she informed Dotun about it. Dotun suggested that they should walk in faith and buy the land in the names of their children yet unborn. Morenikeji agreed, bought the land, and built a beautiful house on it. All other property purchased after this time were also in the names of their unborn children, by faith.

Two weeks ago, Dotun died in an accident. To Morenikeji’s shock, a woman showed up with two children, the first about 9yrs old. Both children bear the names Dotun gave her to buy all their landed property in.

Dotun’s family has given her an ultimatum to move out of her home.

Please what should Morenikeji do?


2 thoughts on “The Betrayal

  1. 1st Option:
    Change the name of the property to hers
    By the way, she can still have children if she wants.

    2nd Option
    She can give a portion of the money to the children when they turn 18 and just pay their school fees because of the love she has for her husband.

    3rd Option
    She can give everything away to the church or give everything away to an orphanage.

    4th Option
    She can divide everything equally between the three options herself.

    She can do all of them with a clear heart and not sin against God or against man.


  2. Change the names on the property
    She may lose the house they know about but b4 they find the papers of the lands she should secure them. This is not even the time to cry curse or scream men are scum.
    As an aside, no man should remain jobless for 8 years. Drive a taxi, mould blocks, sell water, whatever it takes bring in an income and dont leave things to your wife. God bless the good men out there


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