5 Steps to Get Your Prayers Answered


Do you want to know how to move from unanswered prayers to answered prayers? You must understand these basic steps:

  1. Pray: People often say they are praying, and they may not be. They may just be wishing and desiring. The way to get answers to prayer is to actually pray. Ask God and you shall receive. Dedicate time multiple times in a day to make your requests known to God.
  2. Diligence: To be diligent is to keep at it; that is, to keep praying until you get an answer. Pray today, pray tomorrow, pray every day. (Luke 18:1)
  3. Fasting: This brings about spiritual strength. There are certain things you can only get through fasting. (Matt 17:21, Mark 9:29)
  4. Submission to God: You must submit to God in everything. This means, do everything God wants you to do, obey His word, and love Him.
  5. Worship and Praise: This is one thing that opens the heavens. This gets the attention of God. God inhabits the praises of His people.


Why Pray?

About 3 weeks to my wedding, my younger brother came to Nigeria from the UK where he was studying, to attend the wedding. When he came, he reunited with some of his friends who were studying in Nigeria and other countries. They wanted him to throw a party celebrating his return.

Now, my older brother and I were eavesdropping on their conversation and we both decided not to give him a dime for the party because we felt it was a meaningless party – to us. My younger brother at that time did not have any money as he was a student who wasn’t working. However, he did not have the nerve to tell his friends.

So every morning, my younger brother would come to me and say “Sis, I believe you. I need this money” and he would explain the reasons why I should give him money for the meaningless party. Day after day, he would tell me I was the best sister in the world, that I was very dependable and reliable.

That was how I ended up giving my brother money for a meaningless party.

Jesus gave the same example in Luke 18, when we keep praying and asking God for the same thing, trust me He will give you. For instance, parents know that when children keep asking for a particular thing, at times you give it to them just to get them off your back.

So please, keep praying.



Next week: Why Diligence?


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