My Love, My Pain


Meeting Ijeoma was the best thing that had ever happened to Chike. Loving her brought him so much happiness for some reason he couldn’t explain. Her beauty and tenderness captivated his heart, and he knew he would definitely marry her.

They were from neighbouring villages in the same state, and Chike did not think his family would have any problem with Ijeoma. He introduced Ijeoma to his mother, and his mother adored her immediately.

Chike was a businessman who sold electronics at Gudu market in Abuja, where he had two shops. His business was doing very well and at the time he met Ijeoma, he had 6 boys under him, and he was building his house somewhere in town. Ijeoma was rounding up her HND and about to go for NYSC.

Chike informed his parents of his intention to marry Ij, but they asked him to hold on so they could make some findings about her.

One Tuesday morning, his mother came visiting. She told him in clear terms that he could not marry Ij, the love of his life. She said their findings revealed that Ij carried bad luck; anybody she married would never make progress in life, and there was also a high tendency of this bad luck affecting Ijeoma’s children.

Chike could not understand what his mother was saying. This was the first time he would have a disagreement with his mother. His mind was made up to marry Ijeoma.  Chike’s sisters paid Ijeoma a visit and asked her to leave their brother alone, but their efforts proved abortive.

Chike went ahead with the wedding and turned his back on his family.

Three years into the marriage, Chike’s fortunes had taken a turn for the worse, seemingly proving his family right.

He had lost everything he’d worked for over the years. He could not pay his house rent, had sold his 3 cars and his uncompleted building, yet his business was doing so badly that he had become heavily indebted. Chike had become a subject of gossip in the market; everyone was talking about how bad things had become for him.

Ikenna, Chike’s friend and colleague in the market, took him to a pastor, and the pastor told him exactly the same thing his mother and family members had told him; his wife Ijeoma belonged to a water spirit, and there was no way he would make progress with her in his house. The pastor also told Chike that their two daughters had the same spirit. Even giving money to Ijeoma or the children would always work against him.

Based on this, Chike decided to take his wife for deliverance. However, after going for more than 10 deliverance sessions at different churches, their situation remained the same.

Frustrated, Chike took another decision to separate from his wife and children. He sent them to his wife’s parents’ home.

To his greatest surprise, things turned around for him immediately. The association of traders to which he belonged at Gudu market contributed 2 million naira for him to invest in Chike’s business. According to them, they knew he was not a lazy man- he was just going through tough times and needed help.

Right now, Chike is confused. He is doing so well now that things have improved for him, but his heart still goes out to Ijeoma and his children. How can he be enjoying a comfortable life while they suffer? The thought breaks his heart. Is it not wickedness, he wonders.

What should Chike do?

Go and bring them back, and risk his life and business crashing again?

Marry another wife and start a new family?

Will God be angry with him for abandoning his wife and children?

“Poverty is not a good thing,” Chike says. “I don’t want to experience it again.” Yet his heart aches for his love, and their kids.

If you know any other way out, please advise Chike.


6 thoughts on “My Love, My Pain

  1. Well this is sad. If truly they believed in the prayers/deliverance then there should have had their prayers answered. it could have been a coincidence too that things got better when he sent his wife/kids to her parents. Whatever it is he should not abandon his wife/kids

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  2. Many times,we pretend that Christ is preached, Satan has abdicated his throne, demons have gone on industrial strike, witches have taken a vacation, evil has ceased in the world,bad men and women have transformed into saints and suddenly the world has become a better and safe place to live.But it’s all a lie.

    Many shrouded mysteries still operate in the world,and if Chike’s parents have seen this and told him,and his pastor has said the same thing,and he has experienced it first hand,I will say that for the love of his future, he should forget that goddam love. It will destroy him.

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  3. The curse causeless shall not come.
    The prince of this world cometh but findeth nothing in me
    There is no divination against Israel
    Whatever u permit on earth is permitted in heaven. Whatever u forbid on earth is forbidden in heaven
    With these few scriptures I hope I can convince Chike that his problem is not his wife but himself. Those riches will dev wings n fly away if he does not close d door to evil suggestions.
    Let him get in d word n pray till he is able to eat meat n no longer milk like a carnal christian. Then he will realise luck does not exist

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    • Yea i agree with drnsmusings. But he should do his prayers alone not with his family back with him. God will definitely speak concerning his matter. God hates a broken marriage so i think he will want him to get back to his family in due season but chike has to prayerfully handle the matter. Yes water spirits do exist but his wife is first of all a wonderfully made creation of God. So God made her for a purpose and to be a source of destruction to her husband.

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  4. Hmmm!! I agree with @ drnsmusings : ‘curse causeless shall not arise’. But in Chike’s case the cause has found a comfortable abode in his home. Well, hope is NEVER lost to regain the divinely promised peace, comfort and tranquility expected of a God ordained marriage. No doubt there are powers and principalities. But the truth remains, that there is a name that is above all names. The name all spiritual authorities in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth bow to in total submission – Jesus . Chike and family needs Jesus Christ to be the foundation of their home. Will first advise Chike being the man and head of his home to surrender all of himself to Christ. He should use the moment of solitude to commit himself to Christ. There is always a moment of being ‘alone with God’ for everyone. Jesus while on earth had his own ‘moments alone with God’. So did the father of faith Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Peniel), Anna, Rebekah, Moses, David the list is endless. Let Christ prune him and cleanse him from all covenant he may have entered into: both knowingly and unknowingly. Chike equally needs infilling of the holy spirit for a pleasant relationship with the Trinity. This relationship with the TRINITY will equip him with love, power and sound mind to drive away all elements of fear in praying for his wife. Through prayers and fasting with thanksgiving with other believers. Chike’s wife and children will experience a rebirth and redemption (Spiritual and total wealth) needed to enjoy their relationship as a family through Christ Jesus.
    Lesson to all singles and the married. Let holy spirit guide and order our steps at all time. Finding a good wife takes grace. Same with finding a man of good and godly character. At some point in marital relationship there will be challenges. What each actor (wife/hubby) in the family has within (carry on the inside) will determine how soon and well the challenges will be resolved. Always seek for the help of the Holy spirit #present help in time of need.

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