Should She Keep Her Options Open?


Wisdom and Femi met at a friend’s birthday party. They fast became friends, and then they started dating; they were in love. Femi told Wisdom several times that he would be her husband. He had gone to see Wisdom’s parents and told them of his intention to marry their daughter.

It’s been two years, and the wedding has still not taken place. Wisdom understands that Femi needs to put certain things in order before they get married. However, she is 27 years old, and her mother is on her case to get married. In fact, her mother not only wants her to “keep her options open”, she has someone in mind; she wants Wisdom to date one of their family friends.

“My dear, this guy has been chasing you for years, why not give him a chance? Is it because of Femi? With young men of nowadays one cannot be certain you know, especially when it comes to these Yoruba demons or whatever you call them. Femi has said he will marry you, but he has not married you.”

Wisdom always finds herself defending Femi before her, who is convinced that Femi has more money than he really does.

If she starts going on dates with this family friend, she may end up liking him and that may distract her; but what if Femi ends up disappointing her? She would have to start all over again, with 30 knocking on her door.

If this happens and this family friend is no longer available by that time, what would happen to Wisdom?


  1. If Wisdom were your sister would you advise her to keep her options open as there’s no certainty in relationships?
  2. Should Wisdom stay faithful to Femi and take her chances?


Please advise her.



5 thoughts on “Should She Keep Her Options Open?

  1. In God’s kingdom women don’t keep their options open (And vice versa). This is because God assigns His daughters to kings for a specific purpose. If God directs you how can you have options?
    However, if you do not know how to hear from the Holy Ghost you are doing what is called Blind dating just like the unbelievers do. In that case she had better date as many men as possible for she has no idea which one will be the one.

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  2. Off course she should go on other dates. Not have sex with any of her dates. Infact if a man wants a woman he must go after her and marry her not keep her waiting for years.

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  3. Keep options open? If she does not trust him enough to believe that he has legit reasons for keeping her waiting. She should end the relationship and move on.

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  4. Life operates in stages and principles,but many people do not know this,and neither do they live their lives in consciousness of these stages and principles.

    Oblivious of this fact, many people live life recklessly according to their impetuous Caprice and fickle whims.The end result is always disaster, calamity and catastrophe.

    But this is not how God/Jesus wants us to life. They want us to live life with our inner consciousness understanding that life runs in stages and by principles.
    Jesus meant to say this,when he said “Who does whatever without first counting the cost?” Luke 14:28 to 32.

    So,if someone is not ready for marriage,Screw it,Hang it, Wait!

    When you’ve put whatever you need to put together and are ready, then go out,take the girl and bring her in. If not– wait!

    For this Wisdom to have reached the point where her mother now pressures her, it means Femi has acted as a boy, he’s not yet a man.

    Wisdom should give him a timeline. If he’s not agreed to that timeline,I don’t want Wisdom to keep her options open,I advise Wisdom to move on.

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