Monkey Communication

It was resumption time at the Nigerian Law School, Abuja, and registration was ongoing. Leo and his friends were on the line when he noticed the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Adamma was in the company of her friends, Glory and Ekene, and she could not but notice Leo’s eyes all over her. She turned to Glory and said, “Why is this monkey staring? At this stage of our lives we are looking for husbands not monkeys.” Leo passed by the ladies and said hi, but they did not answer him.

A few days later, Leo and his friends saw Adamma at the cafeteria. Leo paid for her meal, but she did not acknowledge him or say thank you; she just walked away.

The following week, Leo saw her again on the road to the auditorium. He walked up to her and tried to create a conversation, but Adamma was neither rude nor polite.

The following day, a lecturer walked into the auditorium and announced the name of a top politician’s son. “Your attention is needed outside.”

That was how Adamma got to know Leo’s surname. As she saw him stand up and walk outside, her disposition changed. She told her friends that she was going to walk up to him after the lecture and talk to him. Glory and Ekene advised her to give it two days, so it would not be too obvious.

Soon, Leo and Adamma were dating. They were going strong and he was spoiling her with all kinds of gifts and things money could buy. They were the toast of the campus. Just a few months into their relationship, Leo proposed to Adamma with a lovely diamond ring which she showed off to anyone who cared to see.

One day, Adamma and Ekene got into a big quarrel and started exchanging words and trading insults. In the process, Ekene mentioned how Adamma used to call Leo “monkey” before she got to know whose son he was and started loving him. Nearly everyone in the hostel that day heard them quarrel, and in no time gist had reached Leo that Adamma used to call him “monkey” before she knew who his father was.

Adamma quickly rushed to explain to him that she did not know who he was at that time.

  • Leo is faced with the question, “Is it that she did not know who I was, or she did not know who my father was?
  • He does not know now if it’s true love. Will the love Adamma professes stand the test of time?
  • Leo does not understand how a “monkey” became the love of her life

Adamma has not done anything wrong as far as he can see in their relationship; she is the perfect girlfriend. Should he continue with their marriage plans?

If you were Leo, would you go ahead to marry Adamma?

Please advise him.


The Believer’s Sexuality 1: I Want to Do It and Ask For Forgiveness


Fola is a single woman in her late 30s. She ended her relationship last year because it was not working, so right now marriage is not in sight for her. She has also been dealing with loneliness, as people in the area where she lives tend to keep to themselves.

Out of the four flats in her building, only one is inhabited by a married couple. The other residents are not married. Her next door neighbor is not particularly her type of man but when she sees him shirtless or in boxers, her system goes crazy. She has noticed that his “thing” is big and she wouldn’t mind having a feel of it.

Fola gave her life to Christ 3 years ago and she has been trying to live a holy Christian life, but lately it has been more difficult because the hormones won’t let her be.

Fola knows that if she seduces Frank he will fall for her, so she is tempted to use him just for pleasure, but she is also wondering, for how long will she continue to sleep with Frank for satisfaction?

Her biggest dilemma is that she doesn’t want to sin against God, but her body is burning. She spoke to her friend Clara about it and Clara told her to get a sex toy and even hooked her up with a seller. All these single brothers and sisters in church, how dem dey do am, she wondered. Or na pretend everybody dey pretend?

Fola wants to seduce Frank and later ask God for forgiveness, since there is grace, because she does not know how else to “hold body”.

Should she get the sex toy as Clara advised? Please share tips on what she can do about her raging hormones.

Kindly advise Fola.

Does Jerry Deserve a Second Chance?


Mr. Fred Adams was introduced to Jerry by his wife’s friend who is Jerry’s cousin. Jerry holds an HND from a Nigerian polytechnic and he was desperately looking for a job. Mr. Adams, who just retired from a multinational oil company, was setting up his consulting firm. When his wife’s friend Iyabo begged him to employ Jerry as he was becoming a burden to her, Mr. Adams said he had no vacancy for someone with his qualifications. However, he needed a driver, so Jerry decided to take up the job.

Two months after he employed Jerry, Mr. Adams discovered that Jerry was lazy, proud, arrogant, rude and selfish. He complained to his wife and said he was going to terminate Jerry’s appointment, but his wife pleaded with him and prevailed on him to give Jerry a chance.

The following week, Mr. Adams was travelling by road for a presentation and Jerry was driving him. They were on the express when suddenly Jerry parked the car on the road side and started insulting him.

“You foolish old man! You are wicked, always acting as if you are God! You won’t pay salary at month end, with your rude children and your madam chairlady! You will drive yourself for the rest of the journey!”

With that, Jerry got down, took a bus and left his boss there. Mr. Adams, who was in his late fifties, had not been feeling well lately, so he could not drive the long distance. He had to call his wife’s younger brother, who drove all the way down to meet him and continue the journey. The presentation had to be rescheduled.

Two years later, Mr. Adams’ company was contracted by his former employers to recruit four Nigerians to work in their US office. The vacancy was published in a leading newspaper and thousands of people applied. After the aptitude test and shortlisting, the best ten were called for interview by a panel headed by Mr. Fred Adams. Our dear Jerry was one of the ten.

Jerry walked into the room and started trembling when he saw Mr. Adams. He began to roll on the floor before Mr. Fred, begging him to forgive him and not let his past actions affect his chances of getting the job; according to him, he is now a changed person.

Should Mr. Adams forgive him and help him get the job?

Mr. Adams was given the mandate to recruit people with excellent qualifications and good character. Would it be right of him to recruit Jerry given what he knows about his character?

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Jerry. Should he be given a second chance?

How would you advise Mr. Fred Adams?